Hotter, Better, Faster


Got gas? No, stop blushing, not that gas. Natural gas. Gas is making a comeback. After years of gas being more expensive than electricity, the price of gas has come down and people want it. Once someone cooks with gas, sees their favorite celebrity chef rave about gas, feels warm air pumping through their air register, and uses an on demand hot water system–gas wins.

I recently read a post on the East Nashville listserve where someone bought a gas stove and then called up Piedmont to have a gas line installed at their house and were shocked to find out that gas wasn’t available on their street.

Don’t be that guy. Give Piedmont Natural Gas a call first to determine if gas is available to your house. The best number to start with is their customer service line at 800-752-7504.

Here is how it works. If gas is available to your house, you are in luck. However, if it isn’t don’t give up. Check with your neighbors. Maybe they want gas too and if they do–if you pool enough neighbors together that promise to install gas appliances, Piedmont could extend gas to you and the neighbors depending on how far it is from their existing pipes.

If it is available to your house, here is how the process works. If you intend on installing one major appliance such as a gas water heater or a furnace, Piedmont will install a service line up to 150 feet for free. If you install two major appliances, they will install up to 200 feet for free.

What if you don’t want a major appliance? Say you just want to cook with gas. Well Piedmont won’t install a gas line for free for just a range. However, if you will install some other gas appliance such as a dryer, gas light, gas logs, or a gas grill, Piedmont will install up to 100 feet for free.

If your service line in the yard is longer than the amount Piedmont will install for free, the charge to install the additional feet is $15.50 per lineal foot.

How long does it take to get the installation? Once you call to confirm gas is available to your house and make the order to install it, the process takes about 10-15 days depending on the time of year and demand for gas. (Colder seasons take longer naturally). Next, they come out to install the line. Once the line is in, you have your equipment or appliances installed. Piedmont installs all appliances as well, excluding a gas furnace. Of course you can use your own contractor too for all other appliances. Once your equipment is installed you will have to have a mechanical inspection by Metro. Once Metro gives the release from a passed inspection it will take a day or two (or few) for Piedmont to come out and set your meter. Voila!

That is how it works. If you’ve found this post helpful, just remember that we are here as a great resource for all things real estate. Give us a call!


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